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You can edit the sale or coupon later to include them. If you offer more than one promotion, shoppers can apply both a list price discount and free shipping to an order. Here you'll see a breakdown of:. Shopping on Etsy Selling with Etsy. To set up a sale or coupon: On Etsy. Click Marketing. Click Sales and coupons. Click New special offer.

Shoppers will see your items on sale across relevant search results and on your shop's homepage. Create a coupon : Share a coupon with specific shoppers or on different social channels. How to run a sale To run a sale, follow the instructions to set up a sale and click Run sale. Where is this offer valid?

Quantity: A minimum number of items.

Order total: A minimum amount spent. Duration: Choose start and end dates up to 30 days apart.

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Terms and conditions optional : Inform your shoppers of any restrictions, limitations or other terms that apply to the sale. How to run a free standard shipping sale You can offer free standard shipping on items in your shop. Domestic only: Limit the sale to apply to shipping to your domestic market only.

Minimum order to qualify: None: No minimum. Duration: Start date: Use the first calendar box to set a start date. End date: Use the second calendar box to set an end date. How to send offers to interested shoppers To send offers to interested shoppers, follow the instructions to set up a sale and click Set up offer. Learn more about each option: Who would you like to send this offer to?

These shoppers will get an email offering them a coupon for that item 24 hours after they abandoned it in their cart. Shoppers can receive an offer email for this audience every 2 days and can receive a max of 6 offers per send.

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Recently favorited shoppers : Offers will be sent to people who favorited something in your shop 48 hours after they favorited that item. Shoppers can receive an offer email for this audience every 7 days and can receive a max of 6 offers per send. What type of coupon? Percentage off : You can offer any percentage off the list price of items in your shop. Fixed amount off : You can offer a fixed amount off the list price of items in your shop. Free on-demand pickup will be available from October 1, to November 12, through the Snap Ship online tool only.

A valid credit card must be entered and saved to use Snap Ship and on-demand pickup. The Canada Post website terms of use, including the Solutions for Small Business terms and conditions therein, found at canadapost. You agree to abide by such terms and conditions as updated by Canada Post from time to time without notice to you, and in its sole discretion. It is your responsibility to check the Canada Post website terms of use regularly for changes. These standard terms and conditions and all disputes or other matters arising out of your participation in this offer or use of the website located at canadapost.

You acknowledge that these standard terms and conditions and the documents incorporated herein by reference set out the entire agreement between you and Canada Post with respect to this offer. If you already use one of our other online services, remember to use a different email when creating your online Solutions for Small Business account.

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Please have your card number available for account setup. If you also use one of our other online services, remember to use a different email when creating your online Solutions for Small Business profile. Skip the FOMO. Sign up now Add to calendar Check back in November for a world-class surprise!

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Apple Calendar Outlook Yahoo! Mail Google Gmail. How do I get free shipping and pickup? Shipping services for small businesses. Parcel Pickup. See what you can save. Frequently asked questions Q. If you have a card, but never created an online business profile, please do so now. In addition to Free Shipping Tuesdays, you get everyday discounts on marketing and shipping. Free shipments have a limit of an actual or volumetric weight of five kilograms.

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Shipments that exceed this maximum weight will be charged for the extra weight according to your Solutions for Small Business account savings level rate. The offer covers the cost of shipping only. Calculate the volumetric weight of your package to avoid surprise fees! Why am I getting an error message when signing into Solutions for Small Business, even though I signed in with my username and password? Try again or, if you have forgotten them, follow the instructions on the sign in page to reset them.

In this situation, call When I try to create an online Solutions for Small Business username and password, I see a message saying that my email is already in use. What should I do? Please use a different email address to create your Solutions for Small Business username and password.

How do I apply the promo code? Check that you are signed in with your Solutions for Small Business username and password. Any other services, including options like Signature, are excluded from this offer.

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  5. Is there compensation if the item is delivered past guaranteed service standards? The usual service standards will apply.

    No compensation will be issued for items delivered past guaranteed standards. Why do I need to enter a valid credit card number if the shipment is free? A valid credit card number must be entered in order to create a shipping label. Additional charges may apply during the verification process for example, if you request proof of identity or your parcel is more than 5 kg and will be processed on the credit card provided. Can I use my debit card or prepaid card instead of a credit card? Can I put in a claim?

    Our system is unable to process Visa Debit or prepaid credit cards. You need to enter a standard credit card to be able to use your Free Shipping Tuesdays promo code. At this time we do not accept Debit, Visa Debit, or prepaid credit cards. If your parcel weighs more than 5 kg, or the volumetric weight equivalent of the package causes it to be rated at more than 5 kg, you are charged for the additional weight.

    You are also charged if you add any options, such as extra liability coverage or signature, to the shipment. Yes, your email receipt will have a code that the retail agent can scan from your smartphone or tablet and print the label for you when you bring your parcel to the counter.

    If you used the promo code, you will not be able to apply it to any other package on that day. Do I have to get my shipment into the mail on Tuesday? You must create the shipment on Free Shipping Tuesdays, but you can deposit it in a postal box or at a postal outlet on another day. The service is not available in some areas.

    Check if it is available at your address. Can I get free Parcel pickup on a day other than Tuesday? On Free Shipping Tuesdays, you can pick any of the days that the Parcel pickup calendar shows as available for pickup. But remember, your label must be created using Canada Post Snap Ship, and the pickup must occur between Oct 1 and November