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I have a 65VT50, it is absolutely spectacular. Viper GTS. Not everyone needs a cutting edge top of the line TV.

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If it's your main and only television in a home theater system then perhaps you may want to spend a bit more money. But unless you are doing critical viewing I would think this would be fine for most people.

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  3. Panasonic TV lineup all the OLED and LCD televisions coming this year | TechRadar.

Vdubchaos Lifer. Nov 11, 10, 7 0. Just keep one thing in mind. SO, don't assume that Model is exact same as other Panasonic model numbers in other stores.

I've got good light control in the room it will be set up in so not too worried about glare.. Don't care about the smart features, got a roku and wd live for that Got to research that 96hz feature though Sep 30, 76, 5, Just make sure you supply clean and ample power to plasmas. They don't like power issues one bit. Mathwiz Member. May 5, 47 0 0. You must log in or register to reply here.

Panasonic Viera TCLX44 inch p LCD HDTV Black Refurbished - Dealmoon

This is less of a problem when you consider that very little content is naturally broadcast at p anyway. Those flaws aside, the XT50 is a high-quality plasma television. Its performance was very impressive, testing with highly accurate color and superb motion handling. Sign me up. Its color is rich, full-spectrum, and highly accurate. This means that whatever content you watch is going to look true-to-source. Combined with excellent motion performance, the XT50 truly has no drawbacks in the area of picture production. The XT50 tested with a color gamut that was just a hair's breadth from perfect, matching ideally at its red, green, blue, and white points.

Panasonic Viera TX-32DS500B

We found this same result while testing the VT50, Panasonic's high-end flagship for Getting flagship-quality color accuracy in a low-end TV is almost unheard of. This is a very impressive result.

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More on how we test color performance. Viewing angle is the study of how far from center you can reliably view a TV's picture without a drop off in contrast performance. Typically, plasma televisions perform better in this regard than their LCD brethren, and the XT50 is a testament to that observation. More on how we test viewing angle.

Lee has been Reviewed's point person for most television and home theater products since He also reviews headphones, and has a background in music performance.

Screen Mirroring on a Panasonic Viera Smart Television

We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. Hit enter to search.

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Campbell Simpson. Neither of these logos light up like they do on more expensive models from different brands. A nylon strap can also be attached to the TV and the stand for extra reassurance. The inclusion of four HDMI ports is good — better than the three of mid-range models from Samsung and LG — and adapters are included for analog composite and component inputs. Three USB 2. Panasonic also includes an SDXC card slot on all of its TVs — all the better for viewing photos off your Panasonic compact or mirrorless camera, although any JPG and other supported media files will work.

We changed the TV to True Cinema for slightly more accurate rendition, although Cinema is also good despite its cooler white balance. There was a bit of outright detail missing from our viewing session of Avatar , but the film itself still looked excellent.