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Car was completed, had to remind them to keep the covers for the valve stems otherwise, they would have replaced it with the funky green ones they use to indicate Nitrogen filled tires. Fast shipping right to your door, quality but cheap tires from all major brands.

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Are Perelli tires "crap"? A guy at Costco just told me I actually just had my tires installed at costco last weekend. I have not noticed any difference in sound levels with the new goodyears with the foam cores. I changed my tires at Costco three months ago. There are advantages to going to warehouse-club giant Costco next time you need tires.

However, I rarely mention the great coupons or offers in Canada because they. SimpleTire - New Tires.

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No deals long waits and BS appointments. They have a sale on that ends today. You could still order online, and schedule the appointment at some point in the future. Not to shabby. They even let you make an appointment now.

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It's too bad I assume that Costco won't accept delivery and install tires from a place like TireRack. I would love to get my tires from Costco or even Sam's Club , but they didn't carry the tires I wanted, at least not the reasonably-priced ones. Come on Costco!


Im going to tell you now you can probably find a local shop or online shop that offers a better deal. I always have atleast. A not well known perk for executive members is the one cent install is available all the time.

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Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Tire sales? Costco only has the Defender there so you can see it has exact same specs but cheaper price when you compare it to XTour.

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Same value less work. I'm so disappointed I couldn't take advantage of this deal..

Shiiiiiit, I missed ordering my tires within that window didn't receive my card in time! Ya i definitely was looking at this deal, just wondering will there be a better one nearing the black friday weekend. Unrelated question from a different tire company, why do Costco guys only lift the car barely off the ground? Is it policy or something? They go up much higher. Because you're taking off wheels, not changing oil and checking under the car for anything else. It's also safer, there's really no reason you need to lift it up past your waist or knee height.

There was a tech at a dealership I worked at that had to have everything he worked on at eye level whenever he PDIed anything and every tech in the shop made fun of him for it, also, he only PDIed like 5 cars a day and was slow as shit doing it. Long story short I went with Walmart and paid with my Costco CC got the tires I wanted and was in and out in under an hour. No deals long waits and BS appointments. They have a sale on that ends today.