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Vandy Vape x Tony B. Swell W Kit. Innokin Adept Zlide Kit. Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 2 W Kit. Horizon Falcon 80W Kit. Brands Hardware Vape Juice. About Online Vape SHop EightVape is the best online vape shop offering an industry leading selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, salt nics, vape juices and accessories.

Paste at linxvapor. Did this help you save money? Yes No. Automatic deal! No code required. Activate Discount. Apply now! Linx Vapor voucher code : Apply now! Free shipping. Get the Deal. Vaporider coupons. Safer CBD coupons. The Yocan Pandon is a two headed monster of a wax pen. It features 2 dual quartz atomizers giving you some serious quad core action. If you are looking for a rig-style experience in a wax pen, the Pandon will deliver. Our biggest gripe with the Pandon is that it requires a lot of wax in order to achieve impressive draws. Yocan Hive 2. All the way from China comes the tiny Yocan Hive 2.

Kandypens Prism. Nothing entices an experienced vaper like a device that skirts the borders of stealth and vapor quality perfectly. The Prism from Kandypens seems to achieve that offering a varied vaping experience thanks to a ceramic bowl and single-rod quartz coil. Dabado Bolt Pro. This unit is essentially a portable e-nail and looks to replace a traditional wax rig with a battery powered, modular unit.

It can generate lots of vapor which leads to harsh hits at times.

But the build quality is high. Yocan Evolve Plus XL. Kandypens Galaxy. Kandypens have made a name for themselves with their pens being endorsed by celebrities and featured in rap videos. The Kandypens Galaxy includes one dual quartz rod atomizer and 3 temperature settings to provide large clouds of vapor. The dish of the Kandypen is quite deep and you can fit almost a half gram of your favorite concentrate.

The design is simple, straight forward and packs a punch with each draw. Pulsar APX Wax. The Pulsar APX wax is suprising powerful for such a small device. It features an impressive triple quartz coil atomizer to produce punchy and potent draws. This unit is made to hit it and quit it.

Source Orb 3 Prem2. Source Orb 3 Prem2 is a great budget device for those who like to couple portability with flexibility. The ability to alter your experience with the different heat profiles is really pleasant to see on a lower-end device but one area where this vaporizer shines is its vapor quality. Wow, really, the density and flavor are unbeatable in this price range.

Thick and rich clouds abound from this device. If they could just implement user independent temperature control and maybe improve the battery then this would be the best unit in its price range and class. Vivant Incendio. Vivant makes decent vapes.

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You can use this as a wax pen on-the-go or as an eRig at home—the vapor quality will be great every time. Puffco Plus. For something that is quite realistically just a battery, a chamber and a mouthpiece, it seems that Puffco has set the bar with the Plus. You get an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive device that simply works out of the box. The pen comes with arguably the best concentrate tool on the market, essentially making void the problems normally associated with loading the chamber and the vapor is full and tasty, thanks to a ceramic chamber.

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Source Slim 3. A pretty cool looking, elegant device that is supposed to be portable but in fact, is quite awkward in the pocket. The Slim 3 Travel from Source. It comes with two atomizers that both perform well with one performing very well without overheating the product or the vapor. A cool feature is the small storage container at the bottom which holds enough for a few sessions with this thing. Pulsar Barb Fire. Made of sturdy stainless steel which gently reassures you of its quality, the Barb Fire wax pen has a daunting name that perfectly fits this heavy hitting device.

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A word of warning: hold down the button wisely or you might be sent into an unretrievable coughing fit. Vivant Dabox. This very portable device has a really intriguing design and boasts an unrivaled battery life that will surprise you. Every draw from its glass mouthpiece also packs an extremely powerful punch. A single draw from the comfortable glass mouthpiece will satisfy even the more experienced vape users and get everyone where they need to go. Qloudup Nexus. The Qloudup Nexus wax pen offers users 3 different atomizers; a single quartz coil for solo sessions, dual quartz coil for big clouds and great flavor and ceramic hal coil for flavorful and efficient sessions.

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It comes with a stylish carrying case and charges via USB. It is a pretty impressive introductory wax pen from a new company on the scene and has us looking forward to more. KandyPens K-Box. At first glance, it might be hard to distinguish this from any other eLiquid box mod on the street which allows for pretty discreet sessions. The vapor is thick and considerably harsher than competitors, unsurprising for a huge chamber with mAH powered triple coils. The only real problem with this unit is that if you prefer lighter draws…there is no option to make it less powerful.

Source Bubbler 3. If you need water filtration then this will do the trick without a shadow of a doubt. Source has a good reputation which is kept up with the Bubbler 3. In the box, you get a load of accessories including four different atomizers to suit any vaper. Add to the mix big clouds if you want them and delicious flavor and we can see Source is on to a winner with its bubbler. Ooze Weeper XL. This concentrate vaporizer comes with a bubbler for water filtration. Think of this piece as more of a hybrid of the two.

The weeper has one button and the power output is constant. This means that the level of temperature flexibility is zero. The vapor quality leaves a lot of be desired and the manufacturing quality is pretty average. The company is known for making very average devices. Really, with a dual-coil titanium-wrapped atomizer — which is industry standard — the only selling point of this pen is a cool icy white design that will draw some attention.

Vaporwise, the STOK Edition One keeps up with the competition offering large rips that can be attributed to the narrow mouthpiece. Boundless CF The Boundless CF is another take on a honey straw. Unlike the Linx Ares which uses a ceramic rod, the CF uses exposed coils. The main issue with the CF is the amount of wax it uses per session, which for the budget conscious may be seen as wasteful.

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