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Out of State Vehicles — Out of state vehicles being registered in California requires a Smog Check regardless of model year.

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A: The Low-Pressure Evaporation test checks for leaks between your engine and the gas tank. Started in December , it is required by the State of California for vehicles and prior some models are exempt. A: As of January 1, , diesel vehicles and newer, and weighing under 14, GVW will need a smog check. The procedures will be different, but we have been trained to perform diesel smog checks. A: While your engine emissions may seem fine, a California smog inspection covers more than what is coming out of your tailpipe.

The computer on board of your vehicle, hoses, and wiring under the hood, are all part of a smog inspection as required by the State. If any of these components fail, you will be required to repair them and go through another full smog inspection State law prohibits partial retests.

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A: The Smog Check Program has greatly reduced air pollution created by millions of cars in California. A: In order to complete your registration, you will need to obtain the repairs necessary for it to pass its Smog Check retest. A: In most cases, your vehicle must be tested every other year.

A Smog Check is also required if you sell your vehicle and it is more than four model years old. A: The new program uses newer equipment to test for more pollutants and newer test procedures to help identify vehicles that need repair. A: Test-Only stations are licensed Smog Check stations that are only allowed to test cars.

State law prohibits them from making repairs. You may also qualify if your income is within certain levels, regardless of where you got your Smog Check. No need to panic. All this means is that the DMV has chosen your car to be inspected at a smog station, which is monitored closely by the BAR and must conform to high standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. Some STAR stations are only authorized to perform smog inspections.

Other STAR certified smog centers can perform smog inspections as well as smog check repairs.

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STAR Test Only Centers are only authorized to perform smog inspections and are not allowed to perform smog check repairs. A: A random sampling, many older vehicles, and vehicles with high-emitter profiles are directed to STAR stations. They are not allowed to perform any smog repairs. A Test Only center's main obligation is to perform a non-bias and accurate smog inspection. They are certified to inspect all DMV required vehicles.

These stations are participants of the State's Consumer Assistance Program and are inspected by the State of California monthly. The State of California uses the following three strategies to determine whether a vehicle is STAR station designated or not: Gross polluters vehicles which have failed a previous smog inspection with very high emission readings High Emitter Profile vehicles. These are vehicle types designated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as having high chances of failing the smog inspection.

A random sample of all vehicles registered in California and being driven on public roadways. If your vehicle has been selected to undergo a STAR smog check don't be alarmed. Simply locate a convenient STAR certified smog station and proceed with the inspection. The smog technician conducting the test can inform you of any serious issues. STAR smog stations, as with all smog stations, are independently owned and operated businesses.

These stations have been identified by the State of California as the highest performing in the market, and provide a high standard of consumer care. The easiest way to find a STAR certified station is to use our zip code station locator. The certification process will not conclude before the program implementation on January 1, Advancements in automotive technology has changed the testing requirements of vehicles. Not all vehicles require the same test.

If this sounds confusing, you are correct! A STAR station is certified for high performance and must meet the requirements of all vehicles in market. Look for the red sign with the bold STAR and know for certain you are in a station that can meet your testing needs. Fuel Injection Service On all vehicles 4 to 8 cylinders. See car service coupon below. Radiator Flush and Repair Coolant flush and radiator leak repair. Battery Replacement Installation of new batteries for most car sizes.

View Larger Map. But hopefully we can answer some of your questions here:. Be sure to follow the the exact instructions provided by DMV. In some cases, such as paying your fees at a DMV field office, you will have to notify DMV that you received a smog certification before they will process your registration and send you the renewed registration and sticker.

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Under California vehicle emissions control laws and regulations, you must get a smog check for your car in the following cases. Most vehicles registered in California are required to pass a smog check every two years. Your annual Registration Renewal Notice lets you know when you need to get a smog check.

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When you sell a vehicle in California, the seller is responsible for getting a smog certifcate prior to completing the sale. When you bring a vehicle into California to be registered, you are required to get a smog certifcate prior to registration.

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Print smog check coupon below or display it on your phone or device during service. Q: Do I need a smog check? Q: How often does my vehicle have to be tested? Q: What is a Test-Only station? Q: What should I take to my smog check? Q: What happens during a smog check?

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